Wired: New Crowdfunding Site Seeks to Protect Backers of Industrial Design

"...a new platform that takes responsibility for ensuring the viability of new projects."


Core77: Christie Street, New Object-Based Crowdfunding site, Promises to Carefully Check Projects Out First

"In addition to being a natural platform for industrial designers, the thing that will set Christie Street apart from Kickstarter is their careful vetting process."


The Next Web: Hardware renaissance: A look at the Christie Street platform and DoorBot video streaming doorbell

"... inventing objects is no longer the realm of crazy guys hiding in the shed making Heath Robinson-style contraptions anymore. Siminoff hopes that Christie Street will help more inventions see the light of day"


Gigaom: Christie Street builds a crowdfunding platform for hardware products

"Inventors have a dedicated platform that helps bring their products to life. And backers have a more defined risk process"


The Verge: Crowdfunding site Christie Street one-ups Kickstarter with audits, backer refunds

"The process will protect backers, Siminoff says, but it'll also protect inventors from hurting their reputations with flopped products."


All Things D: Christie Street Launches a Kickstarter for Products

"...a service that aims to ensure that people who buy fun new hardware products before they exist actually receive them — or get their money back."