Welcome to Christie Street

Christie Street’s marketplace empowers inventors to realize their dreams while ensuring that the believers who back them can do so with confidence. We don’t decide which products are cool or not – we let our community do that. We instead remain focused on showcasing only product concepts that are feasible and credible. If it can be made, we’d love to support it, which is exactly why we named the company Christie Street. In addition to being the street of Thomas Edison’s lab in New Jersey, it’s also the first road to actually use his electric lights for illumination. Thus Christie Street embodies a place where innovation is born, and ideas are turned into reality.

This dual focus on supporting inventors and protecting buyers comes from our long-term vision. Christie Street’s team is not just working to build a business, but also a movement. It can’t be stressed enough how important a platform like Christie Street is to inventors. By ensuring inventors credibility to their believers and allowing them to pre-sell product, Christie Street enables individuals all over the world to not only build great products, but also great companies.

Our level of success will not be measured by the dollar amount transacted on the site, but instead, by the number of inventors we are able to assist with building self-sustaining businesses. Whether you are an inventor or a buyer we appreciate your support of Christie Street and hope you will join us in building a better world, one invention at a time.

Supporting Inventors

At the heart of Christie Street is a platform built for inventors, by inventors. We don’t just talk it – we live it.

We started Christie Street based on our own needs. While there are other great crowdfunding sites out there, none have the focus or support needed for products. By building Christie Street from the ground up with only one focus: physical product pre-sale, we have been able to create the best platform for launching and pre-selling your invention.

At Christie Street we don’t just approve products for our platform – we support them. When you submit an invention to Christie Street we look for the following key indicators:

We ourselves are inventors and product creators so we built this site with the idea that we’d like to treat our customers how we would want to be treated. To learn more please contact the invention concierge at 888.959.7618, or [email protected]

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The Christie Street Escrow Process

Protecting Buyers

You are not just a buyer – you are a believer. You are willing to believe that the amazing invention that you back on Christie Street will not only be awesome to own, but that your support is key in helping an inventor. At Christie Street we understand that a robust community of innovation is built on a market of trust, which is exactly why we take so many steps to protect our buyers.

At Christie Street you’ll be able to pre-order products and believe in inventors with confidence. Here is how:

For the Christie Street team our success is not measured by how many transactions we do. We work every day to bring you an amazing experience. By pledging, you won’t only get an awesome product, but you can rest assured that you’re supporting a cause that is bigger than yourself through assisting great inventors in realizing their dreams.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us – we love hearing from you, 888.959.7618 or [email protected]

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Meet the team


James Siminoff - Chief Inventor

Jamie has always loved building cool products that solve real-world problems. While obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, Jamie founded Your First Step International, Inc., a company that assisted entrepreneurs in bringing ideas from concept to fruition. In 2000, the company pivoted to building and operating global wholesale Voice over IP networks in developing countries. In 2002 Jamie merged YFS into Nobel Ltd., which is now the largest online calling card company in the world. In 2005 – perplexed by the archaic nature of voicemail – Jamie founded the world's first voicemail-to-text company, PhoneTag. In September of 2009 PhoneTag sold to Ditech Networks. In 2010 Jamie took on email and founded Unsubscribe.com to help email users clean commercial email from their inboxes. In 2011 Unsubscribe.com was sold to personal security company, TrustedID.

A career of building innovative products has led to Christie Street. Jamie wanted a community where creative minds could showcase their inventions, and interested believers could fund them with confidence. Jamie still keeps his list of inventions growing. When he's not working on improving Christie Street, he enjoys spending time with his wife, four-year-old son, and dog – Short Rib.


Mark Dillon - Chief Technology Officer

Mark has served as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for several innovative and successful companies including PhoneTag (formerly SimulScribe Inc). Mark co-founded PhoneTag in 2005. As Chief Technology Officer, he was solely responsible for the development of all systems and software.

Prior to joining PhoneTag, Mark worked at SCME Mortgage Bankers in San Diego, California, where he served as the lead software engineer and was responsible for developing their mission critical document management system. Mark has served as a senior software engineer for CMGI Solutions, S1 Corporation, and IntraLinks in Boston, Massachusetts. Mark has fifteen years of industry experience and is skilled in a wide variety of programming languages and computing platforms.

Mark Dillon holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. When he isn't working on Christie Street he enjoys spending time with his wife and one-year-old son.


August Cziment - Co-Founder & Inventor Concierge

August and Jamie have worked together since 2009 when he helped manage business development partnerships for Ditech Networks. In 2010 he shifted focus to consumer products with Unsubscribe.com, a company focused on improving email by making it easier to get rid of unwanted email. At Unsubscribe he managed internal operations as well as nearly all consumer-facing initiatives.

After TrustedID acquired Unsubscribe.com, August continued to manage product development. After successfully building out credit monitoring and identity protection services, he joined Christie Street to help oversee platform direction. August enjoys watching movies, and hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.